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Dear Sue: 

I have three beagles. One is a puppy which we are currently in the process of housebreaking (she is doing quite well). The other two are full-grown males we adopted. They were not housebroken, neutered, trained . . . however they are very friendly. These two dogs (Zeus and Apollo) were tested for heartworm after we adopted them and found to be positive. They cannot be neutered (required by the animal pound within the county we live) until they are treated for heartworm. We are in the process of treating them. This said, we keep to a pretty good schedule with the dogs, but I can't really let the two older dogs run around the house without the constant supervision needed, so I end up kenneling them at night and letting them run outside (big fenced backyard) while home. We walk them, and my children go outside and play with them, but the big issue is the marking . . . they mark everywhere and everything. I'd like to have them in my house running around . . . how do I get them to stop (or even cut down) this natural behavior which they've been doing since long before I got them?

Help in Virginia!


Hi there,

I'm sorry to hear about the heartworm problem, but it's true that you can't get the boys neutered until the treatment is completed (could cause complications during surgery). Anyway, there is something that can help in the meantime, they are called "male no-leak wraps;" they wrap around the stomach region which prevents them from being able to mark.  They are washable and come with reusable liners, and you can find them on most online pet stores. If you don't want to buy these, you can also take a large tube sock and cut it to make a sleeve; then pull it over the area while they are in the house.  I've had a lot of success using these, since it helps the dog "know" when they go. Be sure to take them off before putting Zeus and Apollo outside.

Also, for the accidents you've already had, make sure you use an enzymatic cleaner to help take the smell away so the pups won't keep going back to the same spot.

I hope this helps.

- Sue