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Hi, Sue -

My husband and I have recently moved to Maryland from Montana with our beagle, Ben. In Montana the three of us were involved in obedience training with an excellent trainer. We'd like to continue here in Maryland but do not know where to look for reputable trainers. I noticed that you write the training column for the beagle rescue here in Maryland and was hoping that you could point us to trainers that have experience with beagles and run regular classes in the Baltimore area. (We aren't looking for anything too formal; the training is more for fun and bonding with Ben than preparing him for obedience or agility competitions.)

Thank you,


Hi Kate,

I personally don't know anyone in your area, but what I usually do is recommend looking at the website.  They have a link under the "dog owners" section where you can look up trainers in your area.

I hope this helps.