Donate a Bed

Another Way You Can Help!

We have chosen Kuranda dog beds for our rescue dogs. They are comfy, chewproof, easy to clean, and keep the dogs off the floor and warm. We don't have enough of these wonderful beds for all of our rescue dogs.  If you would like to donate a bed to one of our dogs, please click here

Another happy dog on a Kuranda Dog Bed

Charitable Donations: Great News! The IRS has determined we are a 501(c)(3) Organization , so your contributions to BRSM are now tax-deductible! Think about it --- a good deed AND a tax deduction!  Please go to the BRSM Info menu to download the 501c3 document if you need it.

There are several ways to direct your donation to BRSM:

* You can make a monetary donation directly to the rescue, and it will be spent where it is needed most - usually on veterinary bills 

* You can donate dog food, portable kennels, crates, blankets, towels, paper towels, trash bags - we go through all of these things rather quickly!

* You can choose one beagle whom you would like to Sponsor, tell us who it is, and send a donation either directly to the rescue or via PayPal.  A minimum donation of $20 will land your name on our website as that dog's special sponsor!  So many of our dogs would love to know that someone is out there watching over them . . .

* You can donate to the Morgan Fund to help with the more intensive vetting that some of our beagles require --- these dogs are often overlooked by other rescues because of pre-existing medical conditions. We bring them in, help them heal, and endeavor to find them a loving forever home! Note: Special sponsorshops may be obtained through the Morgan Fund for a $50 donation.

No donation is too small, and since BRSM is an all-volunteer organization, every cent goes directly to help our beagles!


We appreciate --- and rely upon --- your support and generosity!