Adopter Profile


(These are the questions we need you to answer.  Please email with the following information to



1.     Name/add/email/phones:


        First Name:                 

        Last Name:                 

        Street Address:           

        City:                                  State:                   Zip Code:                    

        Work Phone:                     

        Home Phone:      

        Cell Phone:          


2.     References:

Veterinary Reference: (Please list the name, city, phone number for your vet. Beagle Maryland requires a veterinary reference; if you've never owned a dog, list the names, addresses and phone numbers of two persons who've seen you interact with a dog. By submitting this form you are authorizing us to check your references.)

Veterinary Hospital:    


Phone number:           

3.         Beagle/dog/pet history info:

(a)        Reason for wanting a beagle?

(b)        Will the dog be a housepet?  (Yes, No, Undecided ):

(c)        Will you use the dog for hunting?   (Yes, No, Undecided ):

(d)        Previously owned a beagle?  (Yes, No):

(e)        What other breeds have you owned?

(f)         Please list all pets owned in the last 10 years?            


Pet's Name




What happened to him/her





































(g)        Under what circumstances would you give up a dog?

4.         Your household:

(a)       List all family members and ages especially children (Include yourself and anyone living or visiting overnight regularly in the house where the dog will live. Please list name, age and sex):





























(b)        Does anyone in your family have allergies?

(C)        Describe your home: 

         (   )  Condo/Apartment;   (   ) Townhouse;    (   ) Single Family Home  (   )  Other (please describe).  

(d)        Do you:     (   ) Own          (   )  Rent

(e)        What is your occupation?

5.         Hound Knowledge & Commitment:

(a)        Will you let the dog off-lead when walking?  (Yes, No, Undecided):

(b)        Are you aware beagles will run away if let off-lead?  (Yes, No, Undecided):

(c)        Are you aware rescue dogs need time to adjust to a new home (up to a month when accidents may occur)   (Yes, No, Undecided):

(d)        Are you prepared to spend time housetraining?  (Yes, No, Undecided):

(e)        What method of housebreaking will you use:

(f)         Will you do obedience training?  (Yes, No, Undecided):

6.         The dog's life:

(a)        Is anyone home during the day and if not how long will the dog have to be alone?

(b)        If no one is home during the day will someone take time off when the dog first comes? Explain.

(c)        Where will the dog live? Day?    Night?

(d)        Will the dog be crated during the day or night?  Explain.

(e)        Do you have a fenced yard?   (Yes, No):   

(f)         What material is the fence made of and how tall is it?

(g)        Are you prepared to deal with special health issues if the dog needs special care later in life?

            (Yes, No, Undecided ):

(h)        What do you consider the limitations to providing health care for the older dog?

(i)         Do you intend to be a multiple dog household? (Yes, No or Undecided)

7.         The why and wherefore:

(a)        Are you interested in a particular Beagle Maryland dog?                                 Why?

(b)        What characteristics do you want your dog to have? i.e., Sit on sofa? Never get on furniture? Good traveler? Able to adjust to pet-sitters frequently?)  This section is for you to describe your perfect dog and for us to see if we have such a dog!  (Please KNOW that perfect dogs only exist on television, so your answer should reflect the reality of real-life dogs....)

(c)        Do you want your dog to have a certain look?  Color?                Size?                 Are you open to looks but want a certain personality?  Describe your dog?

(d)        Are you working with another rescue now to find your new dog?  (Yes, No, Undecided):

(e)        Is there any other information you would like us to know?

(f)        Would you be willing to let us visit your home?  (This is not intended to be intrusive--we like to visit a potential adopter's to check the fence for beagle-proofness or suggest putting away great grandma's antique leather footstool (our dogs view this as a doggie treat).  Our single goal is to place our dogs in homes where they will be loved persona grata for the next 10 to 15 years!  We also offer advice on the "beagle bolt" which is performed when you least expect it!)

(g)        Are you interested in volunteering to help us with home visits for other potential adopters?   (Yes, No)


            If yes, what area would you be willing to help with?