2021 BRSM Calendar Contest Winners


Thanks to everyone who submitted photos and voted in our 2021 Calendar Contest!  Voting proceeds were much needed and appreciated and went directly toward helping the beagles.  Congratulations to the top 12 who will be featured in the calendar!  Look for runners up in the smaller pictures throughout the calendar.

Calendars are now available! Order your calendar today for a $25 donation (includes shipping).

2021 BRSM Calendar Contest Winners (in order of votes received):

Click on thumbnail to view a larger image. 


Amelia (Amelia Howard), Jayda (Jayda Hayes), Sammy (Sammy Gilroy) & Kado (Kado Springfield) 1



Bailey (Bailey Hughes) and Walter (Winston Laurens) 1

Hogan (Hogan Hughes) 1


Reuben (Reuben George) 2


Lucky Ron (Lucky Griggs) & Gracie (Gracie Slick) 1



Samson (Samson Garrett) 1


EmmyLou (EmmyLou) and Flash (Kiwi Hughes) 1


Kipling (Chip), Roscoe, Sassy (Sassy Charles) & Duke (Duke Richmond) 1

 Baciagaloop (Jamie George) 1



Stella (Stella Hughes) 2


 Truman (Truman Hughes) 1


Trinket (May Onslow) 1

Honorable Mentions (who will get a prominent place place in the calendar)
 Roscoe (Dexter Chesapeake) 1
Ellie (Sparkle Garrett) 2
Butter (Eugina Baltimore) 1
Gwen (Gwen Smith) 1
Helga (Helga Hughes) 1
Most of the pictures who received votes will still appear in the calendar.
 There are spots here and there where a month doesn't take up all the slots.

 Thank you all for your pictures, your enthusiasm and your support!
We can't operate this rescue without you.