Name:   Bud Bailey  

Description:   ADOPTED

Bud is a mature boy who found himself in rescue when his owner passed away. He has wonderful manners and sense of calm about him. He is doing well with his (rather quirky) foster beagle siblings and has shown no interest in chasing his new neighbor's cat. Bud LOVES walks and being outside....his foster mom reports that Bud likes to lie in the grass and just enjoy the fresh air and sounds and scents of nature. He is good in the crate and in the house. He sits for treats and has a very soft mouth. His picture shows his good looks, but in person he's even more handsome...his deep red color is striking and he has the cutest white eyelashes.

Bud has a history of neck pain which appears to be very well managed with inexpensive medications. Because of this he may do best in an all adult home and should use a raised holder for his food and water bowls. Bud likes car rides and eating and sniffing - all of those doggie things - but more than anything he'd love a new family to call his own. If you're looking for a family member who will provide a calm, peaceful presence in the home (wouldn't we all love that?) please contact us about meeting Bud!
posted 08/16/17 and updated 08/28/17

Success Story:   Here is a picture of Bud and my son, Patrick, taken before the holidays. He is the best dog ever and we love him to pieces!