Name:   Rocky Hughes  

Description:   ~ Age 13 yrs ~ Adopted in July 2017 ~

After one year with us, Rocky is snug and comfy in his new home! He's a sound sleeper, as this pic shows, but also a spry walker and super sniffer on his seven (!!) daily strolls. When we took him in, he was behaviorally "a handful" and we were unaware of his underlying medical conditions (including Cushing's Disease, stomach cancer, and deafness). Now that we've figured out how to manage his health, we've been able to get him stable and create a positive connection--thanks to encouragement and support from BRSM volunteers. Rocky is now thriving, can relax, makes us laugh, and seeks our affection daily. What a turnaround! We feel rewarded to have given this senior dog a forever home he enjoys.