Name:   Buster George  

Description:   ~ 10 yrs old ~ 20ish lbs ~ Fostered in Baltimore, MD ~

Buster came to us as the result of his human passing. He's an older guy who came to us with some health issues, but BRSM has taken care of most. He has a heart murmur which will require fairly inexpensive meds off and on. He came to us with bladder stones which have since been removed. Buster recovered beautifully from his surgery. His disposition has brightened 99% since the day he came to us. He must have been in tremendous pain.

Buster is a cute little love bug. He's a very short 20 lbs. Clearly a mix. At first we thought a more appropriate name for him was Napoleon, as he strutted into his new foster home with attitude, but within just a couple of days he learned his place in the household pecking order and has become a delightful friend and companion to the human and the resident pets. He actually walks pretty well on lead and clearly loves human attention and a good cuddle. Now that he's feeling better, it's fun to watch his outgoing personality unfold. He's going to make someone a loving companion. AT 10, we'd like him to to find his forever home soon and settle in for the ride. Buster is a joy! Please contact if you would like to make Buster a member of your family.
posted 07/13/17