Name:   Ruby Tuesday Morning   

Description:   ~ 9 yrs old ~ Hound Mix ~ 65 lb ~ fostered in Gaithersburg, MD ~

With as sunny a disposition as her coat is golden, Ruby is a loving, sweet, and very young 9 year-old hound mix (we suspect some type of Labrador). She has a wiggle-waggle backside and simply loves and lives for people. At 65 pounds, Ruby is gentle with her beagle cousins in foster and cohabitates nicely with them, but she doesn’t seem to need the companionship of other dogs. She just really loves her people!

While Ruby puts herself to bed pretty early almost every day and likes to lounge around much of the time, she has an active playful streak and will charge from room to room in search of an exciting toy. She’ll pounce on it and whip the toy around, but because she’s a leggy, strong girl, it can be a little hazardous for nearby people or pets that are unsteady on their feet.

Except for the occasional nap on her foster mom’s ‘fancy’ red velvet sofa, Ruby’s house manners have been impeccable. She politely waits for meals, takes treats gently, sits on command, and comes when called. When the granddame of the house – a cantankerous 16 pound (!) senior beagle – gets snippy with Ruby, Ruby has always run in the opposite direction. We have not observed Ruby interacting with cats, but her previous owner said that she simply ignores them.

Ruby ended up with BRSM because her previous owner lost her job and then her home, and she simply was unable to care for Ruby anymore. They had been together since Ruby was 6 months old. If you’re looking for an easy, loving dog, Ruby is definitely the girl for you! See more pictures and updates about Ruby on the Foster Beagles Facebook page she shares with her foster sisters.
posted 9/8/16 and updated 11/11/16

Success Story:   Things have been great! Bob and I really are so happy to have Ruby. She's a lot of fun. She has so much energy for a 9 year old dog! And she is a very good dog. :) It's so weird to have a dog that isn't always trying to climb into the fridge. She's definitely claimed a spot on our couch now - although she will only get all the way on when no one else is on it! Otherwise she will keep her back legs on the ground, like she's not really on all the way.... Thank you very much for introducing us!