Name:   Marlin Columbia  

Description:   ADOPTED

Ahhhhh, sweet, sweet Marlin! Such a handsome boy! Marlin came from a rural shelter in South Carolina, and although it pains us to say it, landing in the shelter was probably the first lucky break this boy had ever had. Most likely a dumped hunter (and possibly Nemo's brother - neither has the typical white tipped tail), no one cared enough to see to it that he had proper (or any) veterinary care. Marlin tested positive for heartworm. He will need a foster (or permanent) home in which to quietly recover. Although a very serious affliction, caring for a heartworm positive dog is not difficult. He must be kept quiet (no running, roughhousing) and be taken to the vet a couple of times (for testing and/or retreatment), but otherwise would be no different than caring for a healthy dog. Once he is pronounced heartworm free, he can resume his normal beagley activities.

Marlin is a very sweet boy with a very kissable nose. He's got the most unusual and delightful blond eyelashes! We've never seen eyelashes like his before! Please consider fostering, or better yet, adopting this angel pup. It's time he found out what indoor living is all about!!

Posted: 6/27/16

Success Story:   Marlin is the sweetest dog. He loves hugs, chasing his favorite ball, whining after rabbits, and going on walks. He's a playful dog and runs around with my dog, Buddy.