Name:   Daisy Baldwin  

Description:   ~ 6 yrs old ~ 19 lb ~ Fostered in Columbia, MD ~

Daisy loves walks and hunting critters - definitely a beagle in that aspect. She walks well on a leash, though she lunges when she thinks she can get the squirrel...

-She has her playful moments, but is overall calm when you are home with her. She likes to chase toys/peoples hands, and she is a chewer of people, not furniture. She doesn't bite, but chews on hands and arms in play. We are working on transferring this to toys, it's mostly working.

-She likes to get on furniture, but will get off when you tell her to get down. If there's a dog bed nearby, she happy to rest in that instead.

-She is pretty much house trained. We have had a few accidents, mostly our fault. However, we notice if you put a pee pad down she will go on that rather than somewhere else. But usually she just holds it until you take her out.

-She has a bit of separation anxiety and would prefer not to be put in a crate.

-She adjusted to my other dog, and both my mother and sisters dogs pretty quickly. Little growls over territory and a couple of spats over food, but all typical. She gets along fine with dogs on walks too.

-She has a great vertical leap. She can get things off the edge of kitchen counters if there is something delicious, and she can leap from the ground to kiss my husbands chin.

Daisy would do best in a home where someone was home most of the time. She would be happy either with another dog or without. She plays with the resident beagle, but is also happy just playing with us.
Posted 5/27/16 and updated 09/01/16

Success Story:   This has been an amazing week for our family! Becky and Casey did a fantastic job fostering her and it shows. She got right into our car, just as Becky predicted, and loved the car ride. Alice and I talked about who would drive and who would be with Daisy. We decided, for safety reasons, that I would be slightly more able to focus on driving and not stare at our beautiful new puppy the whole way home. That turned out to be true, but only barely.

We have taken her for a trail run nearly every day, this puppy LOVES the woods and runs like crazy! Luckily, we do too. She’s a power house on the trail, but then takes a power nap once we get back. She doesn’t always have to nap right away. Sometimes it’s important for her to keep an eye on the woods. Those squirrels can’t be trusted you know…

After our trail runs, and especially with all the rain this week, Daisy comes in a bit damp. We have a towel near the door that we expected we might have to fight with her to use, but she surprised us. Rolling around in the towel is one of her favorite games and it’s just so cute! She loves the towels so much that they’ve become snuggle spots.

Last Friday we attended an event in Annapolis called Canines and Cocktails. Alice and I were super excited to finally go to one of these with our own dog! (Yes, we have been the weird people who go to these events to pet other people’s dogs…) We invited one of our friends over with her Pomeranian mix to meet Daisy. They had a moment at first, but quickly became buddies. Daisy also had a great time at the event meeting lots of other people and dogs. No one could believe she had been with us for less than a week which speaks well of how well socialized she was by Becky and Casey.

Later today, we’re planning to go into Annapolis and introduce her to Paws Pet Boutique. It’s the local shop that sponsors Canines and Cocktails so we want to support her business. Also, we saw on her website a set of lead, collar, and tag all with a matching daisy pattern. We expect a cuteness overload and hope to be featured on Paw’s Facebook page.

Thank you so much for making it possible for Daisy to come into our lives!