Name:   Octavia Hughes  

Description:   ADOPTED

Octavia was a bit worried when checking in at the vet's office. There was lots of noise and lots of people and strange smells and gosh, a lot could happen to a girl in a place like that, but it didn't take long for her happy, sweet disposition to kick in and the vet staff fell in love with her.

Octavia still has a bit of vetting that needs to be done and she is heartworm positive and currently undergoing treatment, but she will soon be ready to interview potential adopters. If you are interested in adding a calm, friendly and settled beagle to your family, please don't miss the opportunity to meet Octavia. She's a keeper!

Posted 12/11/15

Success Story:   Today marks a year that Octavia arrived here so wanted to give you an update.
Medically, we’re almost all-clear. Octavia stopped scratching and the hair on her belly has grown back. She also stopped wearing the Thundershirt…which is good because she put on a few pounds and it would be a tight fit right now. Earlier in the year we had a few scares: twice it appeared she was having some sort of seizures and we ended up in the emergency room where they kept her for observation overnight both times, and she was fine a few hours later. Extensive neurological tests came all back normal so the medical consensus right now is that she was dehydrated since both days she did a lot of running at the community park, and she didn’t drink a lot of water. (She seems to drink very little on her own….we switched her to all dry food and are adding some sodium-free broth to her food and water bowl, and that seems to help).
Octavia has integrated very well. She sleeps on either the couch or the bed. Lucy and her get along, while she is afraid of Little Miss, our 18 year old three legged, deaf cat. But she mainly ignores Octavia so there are no issues there. Octavia loves to be outside and in the yard, especially now that the salamanders are back in the area. She has become the world’s greatest salamander hunter and one of these days she’ll prove that by actually catching one (not sure she would know what to do, if that happened). In addition, she became an official “brewdog” after she supervised me brewing some beer. (An english style ESB, or “Extra Special Beagle”). Her hips and read legs are still stiff but she can move and run quite well despite those limitations, but only for short distances. She can only keep up with the big dogs in the neighborhood for a short time, but she really enjoys the interaction. After all that activity, she likes to have her snack, plunk down on the couch, and snore a few hours away.

click here to see Octavia's passion for salamanders

2016: Things are going well with Octavia as she gets adjusted to her new home. We’ve been working with her vet to get her scratching under control, and it has been promising so far. Wash her about once a week and we leave her Thundershirt off until she is completely dry. She can go a little over an hour without scratching, and much longer when wearing her shirt.

She has been exploring the neighborhood, and has most of the local kids (as well as the adults) wound around her little paws. Gets along with the other dogs, but they pay more attention to her than she does to them, because there is sniffing to be done. The dog next door and Octavia have come up with a joint “snack dance” whenever they think there is the possibility that they might get one. She has added chasing salamanders and squirrels to her repertoire and every now and then she can even be seen chasing them at full speed across the yard. She pretty much ignores the cats, and they are getting used to her, which makes for some interesting situations at times, as you can see from the attached picture.

All in all, things are progressing nicely. We’re very happy with her. Very thankful to her foster parents, Jan and Sheila, for all the mentoring and support over the last few weeks.