Name:   Tiara George (now Gracie)  

Description:   ~ 13 wks old ~ 11 lbs ~ fostered in Reisterstown, MD ~

Tiara is a wonderful little puppy. She is happy, active, wiggly, and affectionate. Like any puppy, she mixes moments of high, playful activity with periods of deep sleep. She loves other dogs, and they love her right back. She is good with children, men, and women. She can be anxious when she meets a new person and will bark at them briefly. I counter this by having treats in hand when a new person is introduced and by the time she is done eating she forgets to be worried. Within a minute, she is ready to make them her new best friend. Tiara is very cuddly. We don't know what other breeds she may be mixed with, so we don't know for sure what size she will be when she grows up. From her small feet and stature, early signs are that she will be a small to medium sized dog.

It's hard to look past the cuteness of any puppy, but rest assured that adopting a youngster is not for the faint of heart. Before Tiara reaches her first birthday she will eat your sofa, pee on your Persian rug (multiple times), and turn your yard into a lunar landscape. It's hard not to be sucked in by the cute factor, but please give careful consideration to whether you are up to the challenge a puppy will impose on your home for the next several months. They require as much diligence as a human baby to keep them out of harm's way - as well as keeping your belongings out of harm's way. Puppies require loving patience (never physical discipline) as they learn what is acceptable behavior and what is not. Tiara will not always be young, healthy and cute. She will one day be gray around her eyes, may limp with arthritis and need long term medications. She needs a home that will be committed to her for her ENTIRE life - which will likely be 14-15 years or more.

posted 8/14/15

Success Story:   I just wanted to update you on Gracie. Gracie has been an absolute joy to have! She's doing very well with house training and hasn't had an accident in the house since about the 1st and 2nd week here. She loves going on walks and sniffing out everything in the neighborhood. She's made friends with another little puppy here named Cricket and they wear each other out.

She loves her chew toys but has a favorite that she takes with her every where she goes. When she's not playing around or looking out the door keeping watch of the neighborhood, we are snuggled in the couch napping.