Name:   Angelina Hughes  

Description:   ADOPTED

Angelina has made herself a welcome houseguest in her foster home. Considering everything is new to her, including human kindness, she's handling the changes very well. She so far has had no accidents in the house, but needs work on leash walking. She jumps and barks with excitement at the prospect of going outside, but once there is cautious. New sights and sounds make the tail lower just a bit. With time, she won't regard slamming car doors and children on bikes as a threat.

Angelina loves to sit and look out the window at the passing world. She will also sit for brushing or getting her ears cleaned. Angie and the resident beagles do not play, but they are content to lie together or sit and gaze out the window, so we feel safe in saying that she's good with other dogs. She has no aggression in her regarding food. Angelina is a sweet, loving girl who would make a good addition to nearly any family.

Posted: 6/29/12