Name:   Rita Skeeter (now Luna)  

Description:   ~ 3 mo. old ~ 11 lbs. ~ Fostered in Catonsville, MD ~

Brand spankin' new! Literally! Miss Rita is just a pup, full of life and spunk. She'll play hard, sleep hard, eat your shoes, possibly your couch, turn your lawn into a lunar landscape and baptise your carpet. She will look very, very cute while doing so. Puppies are hard work and require diligent supervision, as well as patience while training. Raising one to well-behaved adulthood is not for the fainthearted, so unless you're up for the challenge, think very, very hard before applying. Because of the noise and activity level of one so young, we discourage placement in condos or apartments. Your neighbors will be less than enchanted.

If you're still reading after the long disclaimer above, Rita is a doll baby. She will be ready to meet her adoring public after her spay. She will charm your socks off. We guarantee it.

Posted: 2/23/12

Success Story:   Luna and Seamus (formerly Ed Beagley, Jr) were adopted together. Here is a note about Luna from her adoptive family.

Luna is our other little sweetie! The kids still coo over how cute she is every day, and love to take her and Seamus with them into whichever room they are playing in. At night, she wants to cuddle with someone - anyone - and very closely, preferably by your face. I love how soft she is! She can sleep in any position, but prefers having her head on a pillow! She is a strong alpha personality - not shy about introducing herself to larger (and smaller) dogs and letting them know she intends to be in charge. Like Seamus, she loves to greet everyone in the morning, but she has a more even temperament. She's medium-energy all the time, and once she's out of the puppy stage, I think she'll be pretty mellow.

Out vet cleaned out Luna's tear ducts, which seemed to alleviate some of the seepiness from her eyes. But there is more discharge when she's been outside for awhile, so we think perhaps she has some allergies. Nothing of concern - we just wipe it off. This of course, is not worrisome to her.

Luna is ALL BEAGLE. Her nose is AMAZING. If there is a stray cracker in the bottom of a bag left on the floor, she will find it. If a bunny crossed the yard in the last hour, she is insane about sniffing it out - all the while letting out excited yips. When she is onto a scent in the backyard, she will not come for ANYTHING - not even food. You have to go get her. And even in your arms she will remain tense and trance-like, sniffing for several more seconds before she seems to even realize you're holding her. She is very athletic and loves to explore. She wants to be outside far longer than Seamus does, probably because she is in smell heaven!

She has leapt up as high as the piano in search of food, and has no qualms about jumping on the table if someone has left a plate there. We've found that a squirt gun keeps her from doing that - but she's so quick that sometimes we don't squirt it in time. And she's not picky, any food is game to her!

We love our pups and are so thankful to you for rescuing them. I will kiss them both for you!