Name:   Marco  

Description:   ~ 1 yr old ~ 27 lbs ~ Now Adopted ~ Marco has only been in his foster home for a very few days. He and Polo were quite fearful of people when they first arrived, but are already beginning to relax and to trust, coming up to lick their foster mom's hands and accept a few ear rubs now and then. They spend most of the day with their tails wagging. They are both quite playful and friendly, warming right up to the resident dogs. They have decided that being "indoor dogs" is quite preferable to their previous circumstances. They show no signs of aggression, food or otherwise, and are quickly learning household manners. Posted: 1/1/12

Success Story:   I have been in my new home for a month now. I love my new beagle friend Ceelie Charles. I have made myself right at home. I have been running around my new backyard, going on long walks, sleeping with my new mommy and daddy, and playing with my doggie toys. I like playing with my mommy and daddy's son, Ben. We like to get in trouble together. I really like it here.