Name:   Licki Lu Hughes (now LuLu)  

Description:   ADOPTED

Lulu is about 5 years old with a silky coat and pretty black and tan markings. She is a lovable goof who likes to sniff, play and hangout with her human. She is well socialized with people and was most likely the only dog in the household. She plays well with another beagle she is living with. She would do well alone or with another friendly dog. Her interest in cats is unknown.
posted 08/08/14

Success Story:   Lulu has adjusted very well to our new home! She loves to follow us around the house, snuggle up at night, and go for walks around the neighborhood. She misses us while we aren't home and we miss her too! Lulu brings up much happiness and joy, and we forgot what it's like to live without her! We are excited to see how well she travels and gets along with our families' dogs as we travel for the holidays! We are very thankful for the opportunity to adopt Lulu!