Name:   Fannie Amelia (now Clover)  

Description:   Now ADOPTED

The vet tells us that Fannie is 3 years old, but she certainly acts a lot younger than that! Perhaps she's just never had a chance to be a sweet puppy. She loves to give kisses and is very playful, but also enjoys a good snuggle on the sofa. She gets along well with her foster sisters Lucy and Stella, though sometimes she's a bit too rambunctious for our old girl, Stella. She is learning how to walk on a lead and has pretty much got the potty outside thing down cold. Due to her playfulness, she stays in the crate when left alone for long periods of time to make sure she only chews on her toys, and of course, to keep her calm during her heartworm treatment. She is sometimes submissive around her foster parents, and doesn't like it when voices are raised, but she is slowly becoming more at ease. Fannie is a very sweet, very pretty little girl!

Posted: 1/30/14