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Name:   Budrow Garrett  
Description:   ~ 5 yrs old ~ 33 lb ~ Fostered in Reston, VA at Healthy Hound Playground ~

Budrow and Patch are Beagles came into our foster care in April 2016. They are both neutered. Budrow is about 5 yrs., and Patch about 3yrs. They can be adopted together or separately. Unfortunately they were part of a cruelty seizure case in Garrett County MD. This is the first time they are living indoors and they are looking for a warm loving family to finally get the forever home they so deserve.

Since they have never lived indoors and were taken from a negligent environment, these guys are getting used to all the new sounds of being indoors. They are a little shy and nervous and will need a family to be calm and patient with these guys until they get used to their new life. They are fine in day care with other dogs but can get a little possessive with food.

If you are bringing one or both into a home as a second/third dog, intros should be done so that they know they are second in line and preference should be given to the first dog until there are established pack rules. It may take some time for the order to be established or it may happen right away.

These guys have not been potty trained yet but have not had many accidents when they are in a home environment. They have learned to walk on a leash here at HHP and go out for regular potty breaks. They are good in the kennel and would probably do well in a crate. It would be best to crate them when you are not home until you learn more about their habits.

Posted 2/25/16 and updated 04/17/16