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Name:   Conan Hughes  
Description:   Treeing Walker Coonhound ~ 60 lb ~ 2-3 yrs old ~ fostered in Sterling, VA ~

Conan is being fostered by Healthy Hounds Playground in Sterling, VA.

Conan came into our foster care in February 2015. He is a neutered male weighing approximately 60 pounds and is now about 3 years old and is up to date on all shots. Conan loves human attention. He also does well in a household with other dogs. He did well in our household with 3 other dogs. He enjoys playing & running around the backyard, esp. with his girlfriend Casey. Conan is very stimulated by playing outdoors & human affection. He is a big time cuddler with both dogs & humans. He gets along great with humans and other dogs. Conan warms up to humans quickly and will become your friend for life as he is extremely loyal, affectionate & playful.

Conan is a moderate energy dog and is a fairly typical Walker hound. Like a hound, he is very interested in all things food and enjoys his meals. We have not had any trouble with him counter-surfing

For Conan we are also offering a 2 for 1 deal where if the adopter already has one dog, all Healthy Hound Playground services for Conan will be free when you bring them both.

posted 3/11/15 and update 04/14/16