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Carley Henderson (now Atlas): We've seen an incredible transformation in Atlas since we brought her home. She has adjusted well to our lifestyle and is learning quickly in her training classes! She and our other beagle, Chapo, are like two peas in a pod. Atlas' demure, gentle demeanor and agile, slender build is a striking contrast to the large, boisterous and attention-loving Chapo. Chapo has already showed her the ropes. They spend their days napping and playing together, chewing up toys, hiding bones from one another behind pillows and in corners, chasing squirrels (well.... trying to), sniffing (and sometimes tasting) street trash, surfing counters for prospective snacks, and getting into general mischief. She's much more nimble than Chapo and seems to enjoy making Chapo look sluggish while she runs laps around him and clears couches 3 times her height. She's such a sweet pup and we couldn't be happier. She's one of us now!

Angel Charles: Here is a picture of my beagle rescue dog, ANGEL CHARLES (now known as Angel Charles Widows). She truly is a SUCCESS story. I only had Angel for 6 weeks when she bolted when I fell over on some uneven ground. She was gone for 28 hours and I was devastated, as you can imagine. BRSM volunteers were a tremendous help with putting up flyers, etc. and were about to bring in Dogs Finding Dogs when a miracle happened - Angel found her way home through the woods the next night and to put it mildly, she was ecstatic to finally be home where she belonged. I will forever be grateful for the volunteers who helped and gave me such wonderful support.

Lupe Hughes (now Maggie): Maggie is really loving life here with us. We took her for a visit to her new Vet for a check up to make sure all her infections are gone. She still needs one last dose for the hookworms and ringworms. Everything else is very good. Maggie is learning to take treats from our hands. Usually she wants us to put it down and she will eat it when she's ready. Which has to be pretty fast with Sadie lingering close by. LOL She can run in and out of the house as she pleases, so we haven't had any accidents. Sadie and Maggie love to cuddle together and they do sleep together. The picture of them in the truck was the ride home from Beagle Bash. They passed right out. LOL She will have her first spa treatment at the end of the month. I'm sure she'll do well. She sits and lets me clean her ears, massage her and brush her. :D We are so happy we had the chance to adopt her. One of the best decisions we've ever made. :D Thank you for all that you do.

Jack Ritter: We are so delighted with our BRSM boys, Jack and Morgan. They are so affectionate, calm, well-tempered, honest and really appreciate being in a caring home. We constantly comment that we don’t know who is luckier: them or us. But when you see them smile, play, or rest totally at ease, it’s just a wonderful feeling.

Cedar Hughes (now Darby): What a couple of happy beagle buddies we have. Eddie (formerly Edward Ridgely), and Darby (on the left) have worked there way deep into our hearts and home. They enjoy their cozy beds and belly rubs. Many an hour is spent in the yard, nose to the ground and baying at the wind. They are a right couple of beagles they are! We wouldn't trade them for the world. Thanks BRSM for being there for them and us.

Shyloh Charles: Sadly, Shyloh, a laid back beagle, passed away in late spring 2014. We adopted him with Morgan and they were like husband and wife. She was the spunky, barky one and he was the quiet gentleman. In the picture, Morgan on the left and Shyloh on the right. We still have a terrier we inherited but of all the dogs we ever had, Shy was one of a kind - the sweetest, most loyal beagle we ever had. We would have had him 10 years in Oct. The vet thought he was about 15. He had some kind of episode and was more or less paralyzed the day he died. Morgan passed away a couple years ago of cancer.. We appreciate the work you do to keep this wonderful breed happy and healthy.

Shadow Baldwin (now Sammy): Sammy is a dream! He is already a part of our family. He had lost some weight while in the shelter and he is a picky eater. So we have taken to making our own Sammy food; chicken, vegetables and sweet potatoes. Now he dances all over the kitchen while I mix up his dinner every night. He also loves to give kisses to everyone, but he shares little nibbles just for me! He was having some neurological problems with his hips and back legs when he arrived, but he is significantly better. The vet even rechecked him he was doing so well, and she agrees there is a marked improvement! He is also learning to use his new deaf doggie collar so we can "call" him when we need too. And has visited our wonderful groomer Walter twice and they are becoming fast friends. Thank you for rescuing the odd one, "the poodle." Our lives are enormously better with Sammy.

Beth Halifax: From the very beginning, we’ve had no problems with Beth and our other dog and two cats getting along. We’ve had no problems at mealtime and Beth eats all of her food at every meal. The two dogs don’t bother each other at all during meals. Abby knows where her bowl is and Beth knows where hers is. Our yard is huge so she loves exploring and she loves our evening walks. We have a bunny who keeps showing up in our backyard. I always make sure the bunny isn’t in the yard before I let them out. The funny thing is that Beth is oblivious to the scent of bunny, whereas Abby is sniffing all over.

John and I are so happy that we have Beth and are giving her all the love she deserves. She’s a great little girl and has adjusted very well.

Lucy Mills: Lucy is a total "love bug" and gets along really great with our other beagle, Sasha. She loves to cuddle on the bed and wakes me up 6:30 every morning snuggling my neck and wagging her tail, like "come on mom, it's breakfast time". She loves to take the basket of toys outside every evening after dinner and run around like a nut pulling all of the toys out of the basket. We are still working on coming through the back door, but seems to be improving since there is always a treat waiting for her. She definitely has made this her home and is opening up a little more each day. We just love her dearly and feel very blessed to have rescued such a sweet, loving little girl. Thank you for this opportunity.

Skipper Henderson : Skipper is doing great! He loves to eat fruits and vegetables, though he is not fond of lettuce. He is kind to his beagle sister Jane. I think he knows this is his forever home and he's at ease now.

Satchel Rock: Hello, my name is Satchel. I am about 6 ys old and I've been with my forever family for 4 of those years, and I am a beagle's beagle.

I live with my humans, Mike and Stacey and my beagle brother Barkley, who I quickly let know I was the alpha. Luckily he didn't mind, and we've been inseparable ever since.

Like I said, I am a beagle's beagle. Leave food out and I will get to it. Ever "misplace" a whole loaf of bread? It's like I can't help myself. I have to inhale the food as fast as possible. But my downfall is I can be coerced into doing most tasks with just a Milk Bone - even taking a bath. Ugh.

I love being outside and going on walks, sniffing everything. My favorite are scent walks, where I'm allowed to lead the way and follow any scent I find. I am high energy and very adept at finding gross items my humans wish I would leave alone, like that mouse my humans wouldn't let me keep. I think they were just jealous.

Like most beagles, I am very intelligent, and a little stubborn. I don't care for games like fetch or performing tricks. I like a challenge and this can put a bit of a strain on my human relationships. Put me in the back yard for a few minutes? Well I climb fences, dig under them, or just open the latch and strut out. It was advised that I should be kept in a crate until I settled into my new home, but I don't do small spaces. Mike bought me a 6'x6'x4' chain link fence enclosure. I wasn't a fan, and so began a game of chess, or at least chess moves for me, and checkers for my humans. The first day I pushed the chain link away from the frame and slid out. The humans cable tied the the chain link to the frame tight, the next day I broke the cable ties and slid out again. The humans doubled up the cable ties. I couldn't break that, so I climbed the 4' fence and was out. The humans responded by adding a roof to the fence. The next day I opened the gate door. The humans responded by bungee-cording it shut. I noticed the hinges of the door weren't tight so I pushed them out and was free. The next day the hinge was tightened. The humans thought they won, but I had them right where I wanted. I proceeded to manipulate the chain link and bend it so that I made a hole of twisted metal in the middle of the fence and got through. The next day the enclosure was disassembled and I had free reign of the house ever since.

BRSM said I have the "markings of a party beagle." It's completely true. Whenever we have guests I make sure to make my rounds and garner as much attention as possible. I love humans. Even more so if I can get them to rub my belly. I am especially fond of the ladies. Mike said I need to be a little more subtle, and that I tend to be a little to forward with my affections. I love kids too. I never mind when they poke, or prod, or pull me. I've even been known to fraternize with cats (just don't tell the fellas, if that got out it would ruin my reputation).

Maple Wilson (now Luchita):

Dear BRSM Family,
We had so much fun this week end.... we went for a bunch of walks and smelled everything and stopped and scratched our backs in the grass.... we played in the back yard and pounced on the hostas...I know there's something under there! (My new Mom will send you a picture of me peeking out from the hostas... I'm just too cute)...My Dad makes yummy chicken soup (just a little broth and chicken on my food :) .... then we went to go meet my new Grandma and had lunch with her in Reston Town Center and soooo many people came up to me and said how precious I was and my new Mom told them all about Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland and my Grandma fell in love with me and let me jump on her bed...(She should adopt a brother or sister for me)... Then we went to Petsmart and got a little name tag to put on my collar so everyone will know where I live now and also got some squeeky toys and treats... then we went home and went for another walk with my big brother and boy I am tired... I miss you and love you and my new family loves me very much.

Maple sugar... but now they call me "Luchita" :) and I'm learning a few words in Spanish. :)

Luke George: Luke has been doing well. It took him a few weeks of adjustment time but he is doing well and he is spoiled. He loves water as we have a little pool out back. We have a lot of outings planned for the summer. He goes to the dog park with his beagle sister Abby at least once a week (as long as its not to hot outside.) He loves to lay on the back of the couch to watch when we come in. He really enjoyed his first Easter. The Easter Bunny came to see Abby and Luke. All in all, Luke is fitting in very well in our home. He sleeps in bed every night with my son and he has his spot on the couch and Abby has hers.

Morgan Jackson: It's so sad that Morgan passed away a couple of weeks ago. She was acting funny/strange. So we took her to the vet and found out she had cancer. The Vet said that it had gotten in her blood so there was nothing we could do. I feel very lucky to have had her for the time I did. The house feels very empty. We loved her so.

David Ridgely (now Louie Bluey):

We could not have picked a better friend for Walter, even though we worried at first because of the size difference. They are absolute play monsters and they LOVE each other. However, we do think Louie convinced some kind soul that he was a beagle when he is really partly some other kind of hound too. We call him the Louisiana Lemon Hound.

Sweet Tater Pie (now Buddy): When we adopted from BRSM about a 1 1/2 yrs ago, we got a very sickly boy that had been named "Tater". We are so grateful BRSM rescued him, and started him on a path to healing. Heartworm is an amazingly expensive disease; in addition, you have to limit the dog's activities.

But, we stuck with it, and have been blessed with a wonderful friend. We call him Buddy; he has enriched our lives and our retirement! Thanks to each and every one of you!

Fiona (formerly Rosalee): I adopted Fiona in the spring of 2013 to replace my lemon beagle Wish. Fiona is very individual. She is friendly when she wants to be and hides in the closet when she wants privacy. When she wants to be sociable she makes a flying leap to my lap to become a lap dog. During storms she obeys the weatherman by going to a small inside room without windows. When I first brought her home she wore a path around the inside edge of privacy fence. She tried to climb a domed doghouse and slid off. Now she prowls the yard as a mighty hunter of geckos, frogs and bugs. She is camera shy which made her unhappy at the Beagle Bash where lots of folks had digital cameras. With the passing of a bigger beagle she became alpha dog. That just means she has first choice of any food that falls on the floor. Fiona is also a search dog. When we searched a neighborhood for a lost dog, Fiona sniffed every mailbox and yard and barked at other dogs. She is loyal to her furry friends. If another beagle objects to nail clipping Fiona will bark at me to stop bothering her friend. She often sleeps with me but wants me to pet her before letting either of us go to sleep. Sometimes she sleeps with her eyes open but not looking at anything. As I write about her I stop, pet and love her instead. She is a wonderful beagle and great find. Thank you to her foster for letting me adopt her.

Marco: We have had Marco for a year and a half now. He is doing really well. He is a great dog. He and Ceelie Charles get along really well. She is his princess. He follows her around and makes sure her ears and runny eyes are clean. Marco still loves his toys. He runs around the house and yard with them. He has been a great new addition.

Chase Upshur: Chase is doing remarkable well. He has been to the Vet just for a Well Being Check-up and for the shots he needed. He enjoys running around the yard like a nut, he's eating real well (Kibbles N Bits) or if we give him some can food (Pedigree) since it's soft for his teeth.

Mr. Wiggles (now Freddie): Just a note to let you know that Freddie is doing very well, and has put on weight as well as acquiring some self-confidence. He is loved by all in our family, and (kind of) by our pug, Cleo (Cleo wants to be the boss, and Freddie basically lets her be the boss).

Thank you again for helping bring him into our lives!

Geordi Nottoway:
Geordi is a lovable, playful guy. He is SO smart. He figured out how to use the lazy susan cabinet in my kitchen to get to loaves of bread on the counter! He hoards toys so that Dude, his beagle brother, will come play with him. He loves long walks, belly rubs and gives great kisses. What won me over though was on the first full day I had him, I wanted to take him for a car ride, and he refused to get in the car. I knew it was because he had found home and didn't want to leave. He will be with me for life :)

Janis Joplin (now Schatzi): Here is a photo I took recently at a park after she went in the pond. She met and played with some nice dogs on that walk. Schatzi will be 2 in June. She is the sweetest, most adorable beagle ever. My son, Christian, is 21, and he is crazy about her. We take her on long hikes. She has truly made our family complete. We loved her before we got her just from her photo and video. Schatzi has exceed our expectations. She went through her puppy stage and kept us up, but we loved it. Now, we can't get her out of bed in the morning. She sleeps under the covers with her head on my pillow. Thank you so much for giving us Schatzi.

Weber Upshur:
Weber is so sweet and loving and eager to please! He's already part of the family! We love his energy and friendliness and we are all entertained by his loud "BARROOOOOOOs." We LOVE him so much!

Bailey Downs: Bailey is wonderful. Better than wonderful! She is all settled in and part of the family. We can’t imagine ever being without her.

No accidents now – she just needed to set up her “spots” and routine and get over all the foreign scents. No barking or howling. Her nose gets her in a tiny bit of trouble, but we know to keep an eye on her. She follows me everywhere, so if she is suddenly not with me, then she is up to something. Bailey is getting lots of walks with us, so she has even lost a tiny bit more weight and we see more of her “girlish” figure.

She goes gleefully into her crate in order to get a special recipe frozen Kong – and she runs so energetically into it that the entire crate slides! She isn’t in there long since MWF she is out with Jordan and Sat and Sunday with us – so Tuesday and Thursday are her longer days (minus a mid day walk) but she sure loves it. She is super spoiled between all the TLC she gets and her special bacon broth soaked elk bones and the aforementioned Kong treats and she gets flax seed in her dog food for her dry skin and to make her coat shine – so she even loves the extra nuttiness of that. All of our neighbors love her and she even has dog buddies. She is so sweet. She is never the barking dog outside, but is the one who loves everyone. We are so happy and so blessed to have her! We cannot comprehend for a second that her original owner would have even considered taking this wonderful dog to the shelter! Now, the hardest part is knowing that I can only save one and that there are other equally loving and amazing dogs who are being sent to shelters!

We are so grateful to Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland for completing our family. Bailey is beyond loved and we have you all to thank for bringing her into our lives.

Bonnie Baldwin (now Bonnie Belle): I started fostering Bonnie in October 2012 and adopted shortly thereafter. While with you guys, she had one cancerous lump removed and within her first 8 months with me, she had two additional cancer lumps removed. However, Bonnie will be cancer free for ONE YEAR in June! So I just wanted to send a follow up picture. Here is Miss Bonnie Belle (formally Bonnie Baldwin) and her brother Sherlock sun bathing.
12/30/13: I wanted to send a picture of my entire beagle family. But three beagles don’t sit together and look in the same direction at one time. Here is the picture of Bonnie that I adopted October 2012. She is an absolutely amazing dog.
Bonnie had one mammary cancer lump removed while she was with you guys and two more removed in her first 9 months of being with me. When she went back for her second surgery with my veterinarian, the veterinarian removed her entire mammary gland in June 2013 and this has been Bonnie’s longest stretch being cancer free. Now Bonnie is enjoying the cozy and cancer free life. She likes chewing on bones and laying in the sun but her favorite pastime is belly rubs. Every day begins and ends with Bonnie kisses. Her brother, Sherlock, is still trying to get her to play with tug-a-war with him and I think one day she will. Bonnie also has a foster sister, Copper, who is blind, but she is more of Bonnie’s pace and they bond over sleeping together.

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