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May George (now Gracie Rose): Just wanted to let you know how things are going with May aka Gracie Rose. We are all over the moon in love with her. She has such a great disposition and house training is going very well. She now goes to the door and nuzzles at her leash hanging on the door knob to let us know she needs out. Thank you so very much...she completes out family are we will be forever grateful.

Charlotte (now Olive): I adopted my beautiful girl, Olive, in June 2002.....and I adopted my cute little girl, Martini, in September 2013. Olive was my first loving little girl....whom I loved so much! She was my baby girl before I even had my son. My son is now 11 and grew up with Olive. However, she got a tumor on her spleen that burst and she passed away this past July. I miss her SO much!

Tiara George (now Gracie): I just wanted to update you on Gracie. Gracie has been an absolute joy to have! She's doing very well with house training and hasn't had an accident in the house since about the 1st and 2nd week here. She loves going on walks and sniffing out everything in the neighborhood. She's made friends with another little puppy here named Cricket and they wear each other out.

She loves her chew toys but has a favorite that she takes with her every where she goes. When she's not playing around or looking out the door keeping watch of the neighborhood, we are snuggled in the couch napping.

Little Jake Z: Update Sept 28, 2015: You may be aware that we had a tornado here in Johns Island SC. Jake is our hero. Our house sustained severe damage, but Jake woke us up just in time to take cover. We were fast asleep, and he climbed up on our pillows, pushing and pawing at us until I finally gave in and got up. Only to find an urgent alert on my phone - "Tornado Warning - Take Cover Immediately". We did just that - grabbed the dogs and ran to the powder room downstairs - the only interior room with no windows. Not two minutes passed before the tornado tore through our house - ripping off doors and windows and sucking all of our furniture and belongings right out of the house. But all of us - my husband and I and all three dogs - are safe and sound - thanks to Jake. "Who rescued who?" has really taken on a new meaning.

Update Feb, 2012: My husband hung a tennis ball from the ceiling of the garage – he uses it to gauge when to stop so he doesn’t hit the boat trailer. Today is the first day Jake saw the tennis ball without a car parked under it. He just went crazy trying to get that tennis ball, which is just out of his reach. He can hit it with his nose but he can’t grab it. It really was hysterical. He literally did this until he collapsed. Next day, went right back after it. Jake is a dog with a huge personality.

click here to see a video of the craziness

We received a new note from Jake's family in March, 2012 after moving to South Carolina:
Jake is thriving in SC! Loves it! Here he is with Maggie the other day – pretending he’s an angel for my husband…

Jake is a great little dog! He loves the other dogs in his household and being part of the family!

Alexandra West (now Maggie): Just an update on Maggie (Alexandra ). She is doing absolutely wonderful. She is totally fearless, loveable and behaves well, when she wants. Her right arm healed perfectly. You would never know it was so badly broken - not deformed at all. She sleeps with me, under the covers every night. I certainly love my beagle.

Rafe K George (now Raffe): On June 21, 2015 we introduce Rafe K George, now Raffe K Rozner, to our family! He has been such a great companion for our other dog, Rosie. It was friends at first run in the yard! They love each other so much. While we are still working on some bad habits, such as counter surfing, Raffe has been a great fit for our family. We look forward to continuing to get to know this knuckle head.

Big thank you to Healthy Hound Playground and BRSM for making the meeting of this guy possible.

Pearl Wythe (now River): Things are going well. We have been taking River to training on Saturdays and she is a very loving dog.

Howie K George: Howie is such a quiet, shy dog but over the past month we've seen his personality start to come out more. Even though he's always been a sweet dog, he has become even more friendly and outgoing. He greets us at the door when we come home from work, wagging his tail and running a lap around the house. He reaches out to us to initiate play or affection, something he didn't previously do. He loves going on walks, enjoys napping, and has become a pro at stealing his sister, Sadie's, food. Even though Sadie sometimes picks on him (despite the fact that she is the smaller one) he always looks out for her. It's not uncommon on a walk that he'll look back and wait for Sadie if she is lagging behind. We are so glad to have adopted Howie !!

Fuscia (now Scout): Thought you'd like a quick update on Scout. I snapped this picture of Scout and Azzura a few weeks ago. Scout is now almost 11 months old, fully potty trained and curious about everything. She follows her big "sister" everywhere and loves running around the backyard at full speed. She is the sweetest little dog! She's a great snuggler and loves putting her cheek close to mine and sitting absolutely still. The only thing un-beagley about her is that she hardly ever barks! She only barks when she's REALLY excited about something (usually when she wants to chase one of the cats or she's super excited about her walk) then she'll let out one of those really LOUD beagle howls, otherwise she just whines a bit. But right now she lets her big sister do all the "talking". Thank you for all the hard work you do placing these wonderful dogs in forever homes. I wish I knew how her siblings turned out. If they're anything like Scout, there's a wonderful pack of beagles out there!

Ruby Sue Wythe (now Lacey): Lacey is a very happy, sweet dog….you simply cannot be sad around her. She loves to go for long walks and play in her backyard and greets everyone with a wagging tail and a smile. She has moved into our home and our hearts and we are so grateful to have her as a part of our family.

Homer Hughes: The picture includes Addie who, like Homer, is extremely affectionate, very high energy, and very strong willed! They are very, very good friends - he likes Ambrose and Ingrid too, but they're more sedate. Homer is completing the first six weeks of obedience training and will start the next six week session week after next. He's up to a little over 80 pounds and there's not a bit of fat on him - and none of his ribs are showing!

Since my new fence was installed, Homer has been safely secured in the backyard, but he's so settled in as a member of our family, that, unlike the first few weeks, he is content to be in the yard or in the house and be with the others, especially Addie, and shows little interest in roaming. Don't worry, I know he's a hound so I keep a very close eye on that!

Homer is, yes, quite a handful, but he's also so very loving that his indiscretions, while sometimes so exasperating, are quickly forgotten. I don't for a moment regret he's here.

Emma Halifax: Emma has settled in quite nicely with us - she is a very sweet and loving girl! She loves playing in our fenced in yard and walks in the neighborhood. She is very friendly to everyone she meets - including dogs.
She is my second rescue Walker Hound and I couldn't be happier with Emmy!

Lacee Hughes (now Lacee Hood): Lacee is doing great. We love her sooo much!! She is the most vocal dog I have ever had and we love it. It makes her who she is.

She's a food hog and she still tips the food bowls over, but the other dogs appreciate her doing that, especially Angel, the Pomeranian. She loves her toys too - we call them her babies. She's got her own dog pillow and blanket. I tell her to get on her side of the bed, because she tried to sleep on mine, and she scoots over and puts her head in her pillow. It's so cute

Leroy is doing well also. He still has seizures but not often enough for medication. He just likes to sleep all day. He snores like no other dog I've ever Rich said we can never be without a beagle. Thank you for everything. You've blessed us with three great dogs!!

Bennet Hughes: Bennet came to us as a foster in March 2014, and we quickly fell in love with him. His gentle demeanor, big dark eyes, and warm snuggles won us over. We long thought that we would be a one-dog family, but my husband and I soon found that our hearts expanded in a way we hadn't expected. After a few weeks with Bennet we could hardly remember a time without him, and we knew that we had to make him a part of our family. These days, he spends most of his time napping, using his signature sad eyes to score treats, and following his sister Sidney around the house. His tail wags furiously in circles when you talk to him, so much so that we call him "copter butt." He's not much on toys, but he loves his pillows--he'll jump on the bed or couch and push them all into one big pile and then climb on top! He is such a sweet, happy guy, and we can't imagine our lives without him.

Paolo K George: Paolo transition into the house is a success. However, the first week was a little difficult. Paolo was very anxious. He was scared of everything, and would just to sit in one corner of the house and bite one of his paws, making a very weird and uncomfortable noise. He peed and pooped everywhere. And when we were cooking, he would go crazy trying to reach everything on the kitchen counter. But thankfully, things got better. Our other dog, Koko, helped Paolo a lot in his adjustment to the house. Paolo was constantly imitating Koko’s behaviors, like pretending they were sleeping when in reality they were begging, and playing with their toys when we were watching TV. And every time Paolo did something wrong like jumping, Koko growled at him, telling him that was a wrong thing to do. There were times where they tried to fight, but we controlled it with a “pet corrector” that works pretty well on them. For potty training, we started by taking Paolo out every two hours, adding more time to it every week. And every time Paolo was biting his paw and making that weird noise, I gave him a bone to chew. And no more paw biting so far. Now, everything is better. Paolo and Koko are good friends. They do everything together. They go out four times per day. They eat two times per day. They also eat lots of treats and share bone and toys. Sometimes there is some trouble between them, but “Pet corrector” comes to rescue them. Koko sleeps on one side of our bed, and Paolo at the other side in his crate. In the mornings, Koko gets up and sits next to Paolo’s crate, waiting for me to let Paolo out. Paolo loves to sleep on the bed in the mornings and on the couch in the afternoons. He is also getting more comfortable with the cat. Koko and Paolo get equal attention, making sure neither of them dominates more. Everything Koko gets, Paolo also gets it. They guard the house together and bark together. They also play in the creek behind our house, and I think Paolo got really sick because of it. But now he is much better. Koko is also learning from Paolo. Because of Paolo, Koko now knows how to chase the ball and squirrels.

Paolo has a story with a happy ending. Paolo finally found a home!

Viggo Howard (now Copper): Copper has been adjusting to his new home fairly well. He can be a handful at times but we've enrolled him in puppy classes (more like people classes...but you get the idea) and we've puppy proofed the house. Well, I'm not sure a home can truly be 100% puppy proof, so we watch him like a hawk! Laney (formally Hayden, BRSM) didn't really appreciate having Copper around at first. She had grown very attached to her big brother, Grant. She was very sad (as were we) when Grant lost his battle with cancer and passed away. However, she is accepting Copper into her world a little more each day. In fact, she has taught him how to relax and enjoy the sunshine, even though he's supposed to be outside to go potty! I, on the other hand, am currently locked in a battle for my favorite chair! We will try to keep you updated on Copper's progress as the weeks, months and years go by. Thank you all so very much for the work you do to rescue these wonderful dogs!

Diamond George (now Sadie): Since coming to her new home in Baltimore City almost a year ago, Sadie has flourished! She started off as a timid, unsure little girl, but is becoming more and more confident every day. Thanks to a neighborhood full of other dogs (many of which are beagles), and lots of friendly neighbors, she has plenty of opportunities to practice her social skills. Sadie loves her days spent taking long walks in the park sniffing, scenic car rides, going to the beach fishing, trips to visit her grand-humans in New York, and taking lots of naps. Sadie enjoys getting her belly rubbed, dancing to klezmer music, and rolling around in piles of laundry. She especially loves it when her human sings to her and throws a tennis ball around the house!

Putter Halifax (now Martin): Rough life!! As you can see he is very comfortable in his new home lol.

Marjorie Rutherford (now Maggie): For nine months, Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland has allowed us to foster Maggie in our home. We adopted her. Maggie, the sniffing hound whose tail wags every time there is a scent around! We have never had a beagle that wants to play with us as much as Maggie! She is a gentle hound, with obvious maternal instincts, and a friend. Thank you Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland for bringing Maggie into our lives!

Skip Hughes: We are thrilled with Skip. He's been with us a little over three weeks and is settling in nicely. He has had several anxious moments especially with his first trip to the vet with us, but with the help of a Thundershirt he did great. He now cuddles with us on the sofa and loves to have his ears rubbed. He enjoys the backyard and tries to keep up with our Jack Russell, Carter, and surprisingly enough he gives Carter a run for his money. He loves his chew toys and keeps himself occupied for a long period of time. Skip has brought us so much joy; he is such a sweet boy. We are so fortunate to have Skip; he has truly been a great addition to our family. Thank you for all the good work this organization does giving great dogs another chance and families an opportunity to adopt them.

Lil Preston (now Lillie): Lillie is a great addition. We are so happy and we think she is too. She is a lover, and her tail wags so much that sometimes we think it is going to fall off. The kids are in love with her. Mornings in our house used to be tough, but now the kids can’t wait to get up and dressed so that they can play with Lillie. Even Charlie, our elder beagle, is warming up to her. I actually captured a picture of her sharing his bed with him yesterday. We take her on daily walks and she snuggles with us at bedtime. Lillie loves to sunbathe, sleep on top of our clean clothes, and play with the kids. Thanks again for everything. We are very happy and we know that Lille is too.

Annabelle Hughes (now Annie): She is such a love and has adjusted really nicely with our family. She loves to give hugs and wants to cuddle all the time. We live in the woods so she is having a lot of fun barking at squirrels and other noises. Her favorite place to be is our window seat. She will stare out the window until she gets tired and then fall asleep in the sun. We love her!

Izzy Preston (now Mitzie): Things are going great with Mitzie. Here's a picture of Dave holding her. She loves to be picked up and held and then falls asleep while being carried around. She is a joy and we are all very, very happy. Mitzie is a loving, gorgeous girl and we are so glad to have her in our family.

Ambrosia Hughes (now Abby): Abby joined us in the winter of 2015 and instantly filled our home with her gentle but outgoing energy. It took her a few days to get used to the stairs, but she soon found herself following the family from room to room. She has been a great little sister to her beagle brother Josh, who we rescued several years ago. Josh is an older fellow, but the two play like puppies as they roll around and nibble on each other. We look forward to many years of Abby's friendly and playful personality.

Putter Halifax (now Martin): We first heard of Beagle Rescue from a friend who posted a story on Facebook. I reached out and talked to Donna who filled me in on Beagle Rescue and the dogs that were rescued. Donna did a great job matching us with the perfect dog that would get along with our other dogs. All of the volunteers we worked with were caring and went above and beyond to make sure the dogs found a good home. We changed Putter's name to Martin and he is getting along great with his two brothers and the rest of the family. He is affectionate, has learned to sit and come to the door if we shake the treats. Linda did a great job housebreaking him and he hasn't had any accidents. We love having Martin as part of the family and I think he loves being here.

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