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Aphrodite (now Phoebe): Hi! My family and I adopted Aphrodite in 2006. I've been meaning to send pictures forever. We named her Phoebe and we love her very much! Thank you for all of your work.

Molly Hughes: Molly has adjusted very well in her new home. She loves her new sister Alle. They love to run and play together. She has adjusted very well to living indoors also. She loves to lay on the sofa and cuddle with her new owners. She has learned new tricks, how to sit and how to shake paws. She is the most loving dog. She has helped Alle with her separation anxiety. Molly enjoys going for car rides with her owners and loves taking walks.

We are so happy to have this girl in our lives. She brings us much joy and I think she feels the same way.

Clive Hughes (now Toby): It's obvious that Mark loves Toby to the moon and back.

Titus Hughes (now Louie): Louie was adopted by his foster family, explaining that they had to adopt him. "He needs Lolli for a pillow." In fact, we received several different pictures of Louie, all with his head resting on their other beagle. So now Louie and Lolli will be costars on the family's doggy cam. Way to go, Louie!

Pearl Richmond: Pearl is enjoying her new life that is full of non-stop loving and pettings from her new mom and dad. Pearl is so sweet and wants nothing more than to be loved. We are so blessed to have Pearl girl in our lives. She loves sleeping on the couch, going for walks and more than anything she looks forward to sleeping in bed with us at night. All we have to say is "it's time for bed, come on..." and she follows us upstairs. She has adjusted very well and we are very happy that Pearl has found her forever home with us. :)

JoJo Henderson: JoJo is fitting in great. He gets along with Millie and Mollie and as you see by the picture, he is right at home. He is a very loving dog. He talks to you with his front paws.

Mona Caroline: Mona has had a rough life with all her medical issues, but is a tough girl. She went to her first pumpkin patch this fall with her brother (our first beagle Harold) who she loves. As you may know on New Year's Day, she had to have one eye surgically removed, due to a disease. Harold was a great comfort for her after the surgery. She spends most of her days during the week at Healthy Hound Playground in Sterling, VA playing with other dogs. We really would like to say Healthy Hound been a tremendous help to us in making sure Mona gets the life she deserves! She recently had her follow up heartworm test which came back negative so she no longer has those! She is such a sweet dog and can't stand being away from her people and lets you know it every time she sees you. She and Harold also share a monthly bark box with all sorts of treats and toys. We are so glad you guys saved her and gave her to us.

Vera Wang (now Abbey): Abbey has energetically joined our family since the moment we first met her at the foster home. She has adapted very well to her new life, enthusiastically learning and exploring daily. She is one happy Beagle puppy - smart and athletic too. She has brought great joy into our lives and we are lucky to have her.

Georgio Armani: Georgio is all puppy, doing the typical puppy things, playing, napping, chewing, nipping, and does the deeds in house. He thinks the back yard is for playing and walks are meet and greet exercises, and has gained 4 lbs and grown an each in a week. He is the talk of the neighborhood and our family.

Georgio has brought joy and laughter into our lives at a time when we needed it most, and he seems to love us as much as we love him.

Miuccia Prada (now Lulu): Miuccia is doing very well. Her new name is Luna (aka Lulu). She is a very sweet girl and her favorite things are laying in the grass in the sun, snuggling up on one of our laps for a nap, and chasing our cats from window to window. We are still working on potty training and teaching her not to be as aggressive at meal time but she is adjusting well. She has slept through the night every night this week and has learned to walk well on a leash. She is starting obedience classes with our trainer on Monday and she loves her new brother, Sprout!

Tyler Henderson: Tyler is adapting very well to his new life and family. He loves to cuddle and "hug" you .. even nudges your hand when you stop petting him. He is loving his long walks and learning new commands all the time. My daughter has taught him sit, down, stay and come. He listens to the commands unless of course there's a squirrel or other critter nearby. Lol. We are all falling in love.

Sarasota George: Little Sarasota is so precious. She has already brought so much Joy. Saturday after the initial hiney, nose and ear sniffing, all the dogs settled in so very quickly with their new little sister. Rose and Sari ran around the yard and played with each other for the longest time. Rose is so happy to have a little sister to play with. Sweet Pea prefers to concentrate on sleeping or the time when her daddy (Brian) carries her around. She can walk, but prefers her daddy's arms. Yesterday when the pups came in from the yard, Rose and Sari ran around the house playing. It was so cute.

Sari is a timid little girl but seems to be learning quickly, that we are only here to love her. She likes to sleep on her own bed at night which is right next to the other doggie bed. Other times Rose and Sweet Pea like to be on the couch. Little Sari does not seem ready for the couch yet, although she comes near the couch to be petted and will rest her little head on your leg. It is fun to watch them when they are in the yard from the kitchen window. Sari is getting to know the geese and ducks in the pasture from the opposite side of the fence. At first they "talked" to each other quite loudly. Now they just whisper to each other or don't pay each other any mind. It is pretty cute to see them on opposite sides of the fence near each other without any issue or care about the other at all. Thanks so much to Beagle Rescue and to Lauren and Bob, the foster family, for such a precious little girl.

Maple Wilson (now Luchita): Luchita (Maple) continues to give us joy... she is quite energetic but all those picture are blurry! The best pics are the naps... she and her brother have really finally bonded nicely.. as you can see.

We had a scare in November... she was in severe pain (as evidenced by extreme shreeky beys) if you touched or moved her and a bunch of tests and MRI later, they could only determine that it was some inflamed nerve endings in her neck... which was possibly related to tooth problems....she responded well to antibiotics and then we took her in for a dental a few weeks ago and poor baby had 3 bad teeth pulled (maybe that's why she has always inhaled her food?!!) .. with some painkillers and antibiotics she is back to her old self. We will start brushing more regularly!!!

We continue to love her dearly...and love BRSM for everything you do!

Hoagy Carmichael (now Hoagie): I adopted the love of my life, Hoagie, from BRSM in 2007, when he was 8 years old. He lived another wonderful 8 years with me before he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in November. Because of him I became involved in dog rescue and fostered some dogs (and cats) myself over the years. His absence leaves a giant crater in my heart and my daily life, but I thought I would send you a somewhat happy update about one of your alumni. This is a photo of him about two years after his adoption at the beach.

Hoagie came to live with me in Northern Virginia in March of 2007. Mara thought we'd make a good pair, and boy was she right! I'd planned to foster him, but after two days I realized I wouldn't be able to give him up. he is a sweet, gentle, loving boy. And since getting his teeth fixed up, he feels like a new man!

Hoagie loves getting his belly rubbed, snuggling up to me in bed and on the couch, and going for long walks in the woods. He wants to greet everyone who crosses his path; and nobody can resist him. He also likes hanging out with his little cousin Joey (pictured). I just can't get enough of him, and he can't get enough of me, either. He goes wherever I go and never takes his eyes off of me. Hopefully, with time he will realize that I am not going to leave him. He make me laugh constantly, too. I love being his mommy!

Thanks BRSM for caring for my baby for so long. Hoagie and I are both grateful that we found each other. 5/29/07

Posca Hughes (now Linus): Linus has really settled in nicely. We went to see Santa last weekend and he's also built himself a little nest on the couch. We took him to our regular vet for a check up and she has him on glucosamine for his arthritis and another medication for an ear infection. He enjoys walks and telling us all about the good smells he finds and loves rolling in the leaf piles. He's started playing with and chasing our other dogs which they love. He's such a sweetheart.

Patches Long: We love Patches. Our whole experience with Beagle Rescue Southern Maryland has been amazing. All of the volunteers, especially Rachel, were very helpful. It has been such a joy having Patches in our house. His foster family took such good care of him and we feel so lucky to have had the chance to meet him. He is such a happy dog and gets along with our other dog, Texas, so well. I've attached a couple of pictures of them.

LouLou Baltimore:

Lou’s Life

My brother and I dash about the yard,
Rabbit scents leading us astray.
Suddenly our dad calls,
We hurry inside,
The couch awaits.

May George (now Gracie Rose): Just wanted to let you know how things are going with May aka Gracie Rose. We are all over the moon in love with her. She has such a great disposition and house training is going very well. She now goes to the door and nuzzles at her leash hanging on the door knob to let us know she needs out. Thank you so very much...she completes out family are we will be forever grateful.

Charlotte (now Olive): I adopted my beautiful girl, Olive, in June 2002.....and I adopted my cute little girl, Martini, in September 2013. Olive was my first loving little girl....whom I loved so much! She was my baby girl before I even had my son. My son is now 11 and grew up with Olive. However, she got a tumor on her spleen that burst and she passed away this past July. I miss her SO much!

Tiara George (now Gracie): I just wanted to update you on Gracie. Gracie has been an absolute joy to have! She's doing very well with house training and hasn't had an accident in the house since about the 1st and 2nd week here. She loves going on walks and sniffing out everything in the neighborhood. She's made friends with another little puppy here named Cricket and they wear each other out.

She loves her chew toys but has a favorite that she takes with her every where she goes. When she's not playing around or looking out the door keeping watch of the neighborhood, we are snuggled in the couch napping.

Little Jake Z: Update Sept 28, 2015: You may be aware that we had a tornado here in Johns Island SC. Jake is our hero. Our house sustained severe damage, but Jake woke us up just in time to take cover. We were fast asleep, and he climbed up on our pillows, pushing and pawing at us until I finally gave in and got up. Only to find an urgent alert on my phone - "Tornado Warning - Take Cover Immediately". We did just that - grabbed the dogs and ran to the powder room downstairs - the only interior room with no windows. Not two minutes passed before the tornado tore through our house - ripping off doors and windows and sucking all of our furniture and belongings right out of the house. But all of us - my husband and I and all three dogs - are safe and sound - thanks to Jake. "Who rescued who?" has really taken on a new meaning.

Update Feb, 2012: My husband hung a tennis ball from the ceiling of the garage – he uses it to gauge when to stop so he doesn’t hit the boat trailer. Today is the first day Jake saw the tennis ball without a car parked under it. He just went crazy trying to get that tennis ball, which is just out of his reach. He can hit it with his nose but he can’t grab it. It really was hysterical. He literally did this until he collapsed. Next day, went right back after it. Jake is a dog with a huge personality.

click here to see a video of the craziness

We received a new note from Jake's family in March, 2012 after moving to South Carolina:
Jake is thriving in SC! Loves it! Here he is with Maggie the other day – pretending he’s an angel for my husband…

Jake is a great little dog! He loves the other dogs in his household and being part of the family!

Alexandra West (now Maggie): Just an update on Maggie (Alexandra ). She is doing absolutely wonderful. She is totally fearless, loveable and behaves well, when she wants. Her right arm healed perfectly. You would never know it was so badly broken - not deformed at all. She sleeps with me, under the covers every night. I certainly love my beagle.

Rafe K George (now Raffe): On June 21, 2015 we introduce Rafe K George, now Raffe K Rozner, to our family! He has been such a great companion for our other dog, Rosie. It was friends at first run in the yard! They love each other so much. While we are still working on some bad habits, such as counter surfing, Raffe has been a great fit for our family. We look forward to continuing to get to know this knuckle head.

Big thank you to Healthy Hound Playground and BRSM for making the meeting of this guy possible.

Pearl Wythe (now River): Things are going well. We have been taking River to training on Saturdays and she is a very loving dog.

Howie K George: Howie is such a quiet, shy dog but over the past month we've seen his personality start to come out more. Even though he's always been a sweet dog, he has become even more friendly and outgoing. He greets us at the door when we come home from work, wagging his tail and running a lap around the house. He reaches out to us to initiate play or affection, something he didn't previously do. He loves going on walks, enjoys napping, and has become a pro at stealing his sister, Sadie's, food. Even though Sadie sometimes picks on him (despite the fact that she is the smaller one) he always looks out for her. It's not uncommon on a walk that he'll look back and wait for Sadie if she is lagging behind. We are so glad to have adopted Howie !!

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