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Rocky Baltimore (now Jax): We absolutely love him! We have re-named him Jax and it really seems to fit him. Since we brought Jax home, he has been nothing but a joy to have around! He is a complete lap dog, and has taken to climbing in my lap in the evenings to watch TV. He has two canine brothers, Harley, who is the other Beagle Maryland rescue and Bear a malamute. Jax and Harley have quickly become best buds. They share the couch most days, sleeping it away, and LOVE to chase each other everywhere. Bear was a little wary at first, but he is coming around and Jax absolutely LOVES him and continually tries to get him to play.

We’ve come a long way in getting him house trained, and in the last few weeks has had almost no accidents in the house, he is very smart. He is definitely a hound and within the first few nights at home, managed to fence a opossum almost every night for a week. Thankfully the opossum has decided to take his nightly travels by another route. He is a digger and a chewer, but so far he’s only dug holes in the middle of the yard, he probably hears the moles, and he hasn’t chewed on any furniture –knock on wood – just shoes and clothes.

He’s beginning to learn the finer points of treats and he’s learned very quickly after he goes outside he’ll get a treat and if he runs to the goodie cabinet, he’s likely to get a treat as well. Harley’s been a wonderful teacher, and Jax is picking up all of Harley’s tricks. He’s also beginning to learn basic commands like sit and fetch and drop it (which comes in really handy when he goes after shoes). As you can see from the attached pictures, his second favorite thing to do is sleep on the couch!

Kristoff Hughes (now Bruce Wayne): We renamed him Bruce Wayne since he is a charmer, but always finds his way into trouble, much like the comic book character, Bruce Wayne AKA Batman. He is a very fast learner and was (mostly) housebroken pretty quickly! He is a big chewer (on bones, great. On shoes, not so great) and absolutely LOVES toys. He loves them so much he's always trying to bring them outside with him. He also loves to play fetch. He also loves to eat poop. That's really the biggest behavior issue we're dealing with right now. We're working on the "leave it" command with varying levels of success. I think our next step is having him on the leash even in the back yard when going potty.

He gets along very well with our older Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and they love to cuddle each other at night. Bruce is a big lovebug just like his sister. He also is a major chow hound and will try to pull the food right off your plate! He is smart, sometimes too smart. He found out he could climb on the chair to get onto the kitchen table once so we always keep a close eye on him.

Overall, he's a very good family dog and has adjusted to home life very very well. We're pretty sure he was NOT a family pet before us given some of his mannerisms and how he behaved with different things (very familiar with crates, didn't take much to crate train him), very unsure about things like couches, beds, etc., always wanted to be outside for the first 2 weeks and we literally had to drag him inside during the polar vortex. He just seemed really unsure about being inside like he wasn't used to it. Now he runs around like he owns the place!

He LOVES going on walks through the neighborhood. We have really been trying to make sure he is familiar with the area because he got out the front door twice now. Once was a snowday and I was shoveling. He slipped out when I was walking outside and ran up and down the street and played in the snow. We quickly learned he needed to be kept in the crate or held whenever the door was opened. So then I come home late from work one night (8 pm on a Friday) and he slips out the front door because my husband didn't have a hold on him and wasn't watching him. Thankfully both times I was able to call him and scoop him up to carry him inside. The second time was a real scare since it was dark and he took off running. I couldn't see where he went, but he came when we brought out his favorite squeaky toy. Thank goodness! We got him a pet ID tag from this network that sends out alerts to vets, facebook, etc. but hopefully he won't give us the slip again.

Overall, he's very high energy but when he settles down he loves to cuddle. He keeps us on our toes and we love him (good and bad, although I really could do without the eating of the poop).

He doesn't really like to sit still long enough for us to get pictures of him but we did get a couple which I am sharing with you now. :-)

Mason Monroe: Mason is about 3.5 years old now. When we first adopted him, he was skittish around other dogs. He did not want to engage them. He also had some high anxiety and did not like to be left alone. That is all past now and he loves to engage other dogs and is no longer anxious about anything.

Mason has something other than Beagle in him. We think it is Jack Russel Terrier, but there must be something else still because his legs are quite long. He loves to run. I take him running for 3 to four miles twice a weak. He is a great dog and loyal friend.

Suzie Amelia: We are happy to say that Suzie is adjusting well to her new home and shows improving health. She gets along with our other dogs, particularly Bella, who we have concluded thinks of her as her mother. Bella is our more assertive and aggressive dog, who prevented us from taking in our last foster, Ruby. So it has been surprising to see her let Suzie take over whichever bed she chooses, and on a recent trip to the dog park, place herself between Suzie and some larger dogs, growling at them, even though they did not appear aggressive. Suzie loves running out with the other dogs to take care of her waste necessities since she has learned that she can join them when the treats are handed out when she returns, though she sometimes heads for the pantry before going outside, particularly on cold mornings when she would prefer just to get her reward!

Samuel Clemens: I just adore Sammy. He's my little baby. He is sweet and stubborn and timid and cuddly all rolled up into one. He loves his sister Bette, tolerates his feline friend named Neko, loves to eat - basically has a pretty good life. My husband and I take him to the beach every other weekend. He gets so excited every time we say "beach" - he actually prances and does a little jig with his front paws. Truly adorable. We love him dearly.

Alouette: When Alouette was rescued in 2007, she had a severe case of glaucoma. Her eyes did not improve on the treatment with medicines, and the veterinarian determined she was unable to see at all. At the time she was very skittish / anxious, and the vet believed this could be due to pain from her condition. At the vet's suggestion, Alouette underwent a procedure to remove her eyes, which turned out wonderfully. She became calmer, happier, comfortable with our other dogs, and able to navigate our entire house and backyard without any assistance. She even enjoyed the trips to the dog park. Attached is a photo of her with with her best buddy, Buckley (another rescue).

Sadly, Alouette had developed cancer in 2013. After a hospitalization and drug treatment, her condition initially improved. Unfortunately, there was no lasting cure and Alouette passed away a few weeks later. But she knew complete love and happiness for 6 years.

Crystal Hughes: Hi everyone. This is Crystal. I wanted to let you know how happy I am in my new home with my new family. I have a plush bed that I like to lay in that’s right in the living room where all the action is. The couch is even softer, but I only sleep up there in the middle of the night when no one can catch me. Every day I go for a walk in the neighborhood and check out all the new smells and I also like to lie down in the backyard and munch on a rawhide bone. I’ve learned that I will always get a treat if I ask to go out into the backyard, and I even get one if I just go out and turn right around to come back in. My family is always happy to rub my ears and my belly and give me hugs.

Sonnet Hughes: She became a part of the family the same day we got her, knowing what she can get up on and get away with! She loves the snow and taking walks and laying on the bed and couch. We have now taken her to the dog park a few times she love it, she runs to her hearts content and usually gets a few dogs to run with her. Of course she is the fastest and the cutest one.

She and Jake play well together, both pulling at times on the same toy. She has captured our hearts and Jakes. We think she adopted us.

Posie: It's been almost 6 years this spring since you rescued Posie for us. A lot has changed in her world. She also rescued another beagle who is now her brother, Ike. They are best of friends. She now has two human sisters who simply adore her and she does them. We moved to NC with a fenced in beagle proof backyard with lots of squirrels. Jackpot!! Thanks again for our sweet Posie.

Reilly Ridge: Reilly might be a jet-setter, but she's a southern girl at heart. She lost her home during Hurricane Katrina. Then she moved to Virginia to be with her new forever family in 2005. Reilly spends vacations in North Dakota, playing with her human nephew. The two are looking out the window, waiting for the cold to go away so they can go out and chase the cows. Now, she and her family will be moving to the United Kingdom. Life is never boring.

Poki Rock(now Jed): Update: 1/17/14: Three years ago today, my mom and dad came from Pennsylvania to pick me up and bring me to my forever home. It has been a great 3 years and they just LOVE me! My mom said she remembers you saying that you would like Poki Rock (my previous name) to go to a home where he could sleep in bed. She laughs about that many nights when she comes to bed and I have her pillows! So don’t worry about me….I not only get to sleep in bed, I get to pick my spot. I have been so good in the house that I can go wherever I want even when they are not home. Sometimes I even go back to bed when they leave. Mom retired about 2 years ago so we spend a lot of time together. She has been working on my dad to let her try fostering, but he hasn’t given in yet, and I kind of enjoy being an only child. But, mom says I could adjust…..we just need to convince Dad. Attached are some pictures of me enjoying my home. Mom says we need to thank special people like you who look out for us and make sure we get to have a forever home. So THANK YOU to you, my foster mom, for all that you did for me. We made a donation so that in a small way we can help you to help others like me get healthy and find their forever homes. Love, Jed
2011: We adopted Jed (formerly Poki Rock) on January 16, 2011. We changed his name to Jed as he reminded us of Jed Clampett. Jed is now a millionaire; measured of course by the most important things in life, like hugs, kisses, and love!

We came to BRSM after we lost our 12 year old beagle, named Jake, to a battle with thyroid carcinoma. When we came upon the BRSM website, and entered through Jake, we knew our next beagle was waiting for us there. And indeed, he was. I actually think he rescued us!

Jeddy has surpassed our expectations. In the weeks that he has been with us, he is adapting well and has become a very much loved member of the family. When we first brought him home, he was not sure what to make of the steps and was quite afraid of them. He was reluctant to come up the steps to get in the house. Now he runs toward the house and flies up the steps so fast, I’m afraid he’ll run right into the door!

He is adapting well to his crate and is now going in with just a treat. After eating his treat, he still howls a little, but is getting better. We have a pet sitter who comes twice a week to walk him around the lunch hour, so he gets plenty of exercise. He seems to love the back yard and I am anxious to see him as the weather breaks and he can really enjoy the scents and smells of the warmer seasons. He goes for a walk every night before bed and snuggles against one of us all night long.

We know he is getting more comfortable because just yesterday as my husband and I were standing talking by the kitchen table, he jumped (in one leap!) from the floor to the table to get some food. I remember r

Becker Hughes (now Pilot):
I would love to tell you about Becker, who is now named Pilot (though we've kept Becker as his middle name). We absolutely adore him! He is the sweetest boy!! He now has two "mommies" because my 17 year old daughter, Cayleigh, and I "fight" over him.

Pilot is not wanting for love, attention, affection, and good food. He enjoys sleeping in our bed with us at night and likes to curl up very close. He has a full wardrobe of sweaters to keep him warm and naps in my office with our other dogs when I work (I work at home) or on my daughter's bed while she does her homework or watches TV. He still is fearful of many things, as he was when he first arrived here, but we're working hard to help him feel comfortable and secure. We hope that over time he'll see that he is finally safe from that scary world out there. Though he's fearful of many things (loud noises, sudden movements, etc.), he seeks us for comfort and likes to sit very close to us, which we, of course, relish. He is as precious as they come. As my daughter always says, "he is perfect!"

One of his favorite things to do is go for walks. We take him as often as we can. Nose to ground, he sniffs to his heart's content. He tends to walk more and sniff less when we walk him with our other dogs (he wants to keep up with them). Otherwise, he is in his full beagle glory (nose down, tail wagging!).

Jackie Ridgely:
She is doing just fine and beginning to go potty outside most of the time. She hasn't chewed anything and seems to be a real lap dog. She doesn't think Oodie (new brother) should get any attention at all. All the love has to go to her. If Oodie is in his bed relaxing and she wants to play she just stands in front of his bed and barks until he get's up and plays. Friday night she wanted to play at 1:00 a.m. so she climbed all over me until I got up and played with her. Punishment for going to bed too early, I suppose. Anyhow, I'm really enjoying her. She is a delight. I bought her a sweater so she wouldn't mind going outside so much. I think she likes it and seems to be going out more and more of her own free will. Hope you like the pictures. Jackie is not a picture hog.

Zachary James (now Max): Max is a wonderful companion. He loves to snuggle up on the sofa, enjoys long walks and snooping around at the local dog park. He is very attentive and always wants to be in the same room with us. He is a one of a kind beagle that never barks! He holds a very special place in our hearts which will never be replaced. He is about 11 years old now and is still moving well and is his normal happy self!

Last February we adopted a Treeing Walker Coonhound named Sandy. When we first got her she was emaciated and terrified, but took to us and Max quickly. Max's laid back, calm personality has soothed Sandy and helped her to learn to trust. Max has played a huge roll in her progress, leading by example. We feel extremely blessed to have found Max and Sandy.

Agnes Powhatan (now Sandy):
Last February we adopted a Treeing Walker Coonhound named Sandy. Sandy came to us from BRSM which found her running out of time in a shelter in Richmond. When we first got her she was emaciated and terrified, but took to us and max quickly. Max's laid back, calm personality has soothed Sandy and helped her to learn to trust. At first she would shake uncontrollably and loose control of her bowels if people came too close. When walking she would stop and anxiously try to hide if she spotted other people anywhere within 300 yards. She has come a long way in the past 10 months. She is slowly learning to trust new people. Just over Christmas she finally allowed our families to pet her! When At home with our my husband Scott, Max, and me she runs around, jumps and plays happily and is a very out going dog. She also loves to curl up on the sofa, play with other dogs at the dog park and chew bones. It has been a wonderful and amazing experience watching Sandy blossom into a comfortable, happy dog. Max has played a huge roll in her progress, leading by example. We feel extremely blessed to have found Max and Sandy.

Bonnie Baldwin: I wanted to send a picture of my entire beagle family. But three beagles don’t sit together and look in the same direction at one time.

Here is the picture of Bonnie that I adopted October 2012. She is an absolutely amazing dog.

Bonnie had one mammary cancer lump removed while she was with you guys and two more removed in her first 9 months of being with me. When she went back for her second surgery with my veterinarian, the veterinarian removed her entire mammary gland in June 2013 and this has been Bonnie’s longest stretch being cancer free. Now Bonnie is enjoying the cozy and cancer free life. She likes chewing on bones and laying in the sun but her favorite pastime is belly rubs. Every day begins and ends with Bonnie kisses. Her brother, Sherlock, is still trying to get her to play with tug-a-war with him and I think one day she will. Bonnie also has a foster sister, Copper, who is blind, but she is more of Bonnie’s pace and they bond over sleeping together.

Mason Charles (now Drover):
Drover is fitting in quite effortlessly with our family. He is a great play mate with our Patsy Cline, who was also rescued from BRSM. They get along famously. He loves to sleep, get his belly scratched, and loves to lay on your lap and just look at you. He is the sweetest beagle. I am so glad we have him. He really has calmed Patsy down and grounded her. They love their morning walks and getting treats. We are training him and he is coming a long way from jumping on his hind legs to learning how to "sit" and "wait." Drover is also a howler. We live near the Fire House and when he hears a siren go off, he assumes the position and just HOWLS. Its is so darn cute. Thank you Beagle Maryland for helping us find our fur babies. They truly are just that.

Polo (now Tucker): Tucker is doing very well. He, Chester and Spencer are getting along well. Sometimes they curl up together. Tucker has started going outside without a leash following the other two. He is eating well and likes to get treats. However, he won't take the treat from us we have to leave it on the floor. He's still very skittish and runs and hides either in the bedroom or under a bed often. However, he's getting better at coming out on his own and rejoining the pack.

He hasn't started walking with the pack as he doesn't seem to trust being on a leash. We'll work on this when we go down to SC for vacation and it will be warmer outside so we can spend more time training.

He's very cute and I think he's warming up to us (he likes to sleep curled up next to Tom) and trusting us a little more each day. We are happy he's come to live with us and be a part of our home and pack.

Hunter Henderson: We love our Hunter. We bought him a christmas present and our daughter has it "hidden" in her closet. She won't even mention what it is in front of him for fear he will "hear" her. So cute. And he's just a doll!!! Here's a picture I snapped when Hunter climbed in the bean bag chair with her.

Otter (now Snoopy): He and Bailey are doing well. They look for each other in the mornings (we still crate Snoopy at night) and nudge each other to see who gets out the door to the backyard first. He is now 23 pounds and the vet was comfortable with his weight where we will keep him at. He is up to date on everything and will be ok'd to run soon. We are going to classes once a week and he is taking to the directions. The trainer was even surprised to see how well he was doing considering how many dogs and smells there were around.

Here's a picture of Snoopy sitting on my lap as I work on the computer. He is sooo sweet and easy going. We love having him as a part of the family.

Lucy Washington: Lucy and Ricky are both doing fantastic! It amazes us every day how much healthier Lucy looks now, and her energy level has increased dramatically. When we first picked her up she could hardly walk up stairs, and now she sprints faster than anyone else and jumps up to say hello every time we come home (so adorable that we don't have the heart to stop her). Ricky has healed well after his surgery, and doesn't seem to be missing the eye at all. He is Richard's miniature companion (compared to the rest) and never leaves his side. He continues to have difficulties with his hind legs, but it does not affect him in most cases. The vet told us that he gets along so well even with the slight lameness that having any reparative surgery would do more harm than anything.

We are going to do our best to come to the Beagle Bash this weekend with at least the two of them. I work almost every weekend, but am trying to get Sunday off. This has been the largest hurdle preventing us from bringing them out to adoption events recently, but truthfully it may have been selfishness on our part not wanting other people to steal them from us. I have no doubt that they would both be adoptable with their loving personalities, especially now that Ricky's eye has been taken care of and Lucy has slimmed down. Having said that, we officially fail as foster parents because we cannot imagine our lives or home without these two now. I never thought I'd say this (especially when we volunteered to help rescue these two last year), but our crazy beagle family wouldn't be complete if we gave them up and we have plenty of room (and love) for them.

We could not be more thankful that BRSM brought them into our lives!

Bernie: It’s been over 9 years since we adopted Andrea (now Molly) & Bernie from you. They were 2 of a litter of 5 pups born on 3/28/2004 to a black and tan coonhound named Katie Barbara. They weigh 100 lbs each & the vet’s best guess is that the father was an Australian Shepherd. That would also explain Bernie’s herding tendencies. They’ve been blessed with good health so far. Anyhow, I thought you might like a current picture of them. Bernie is on the left.

Slim Jim: It has been just over a year now since Jimmy came to live with us - his one-year anniversary was over the Columbus Day weekend. He is such an integral part of our family now that it is hard to imagine life without him! He has come so, so far in the past year that he is really a different dog in so many ways. When he first arrived last year, I would have to put a leash on him to take him outside, to bring him inside, to take him to his food, etc. Now, he comes and goes on his own wherever he needs to go and is becoming a very friendly dog. Brigid had a friend over on Saturday, and Jimmy was out with the girls in the backyard. When the friend's dad came over to pick her up, he came into the backyard, and Jimmy ran up to him to get a pet, and he had never met this man before!

We adopted a second dog in May - a shaggy black mix named Max. Max and Jimmy became best friends about three minutes after meeting each other. I think that Max has helped Jimmy open up to us more, and I feel like every month we see a new part of Jimmy. The two dogs love to run and play in our backyard. It is so much fun to watch them! And they are both in great shape from all of that running!

Both dogs sleep with Brigid, 7, and Fintan, 5. Usually there is one dog in each of their beds, and it is usually Jimmy who is with Brigid. He curls up right next to her, usually right by her tummy, and she drapes her arm across him. Sometimes she even uses him as a pillow! He seems to love it, because every evening he knows when she is getting ready for bed and he goes into her room and gets onto her bed. It is so sweet! Brigid has always liked dogs, but she is absolutely dog crazy now.

Molly, my 3-yr old who was always afraid of dogs before we adopted Jimmy, is now a dog lover just like the older kids. Aine, who was a newborn when you saw her, is now a crawling 1-yr old who cracks up at the dogs and loves to pet them.

Jimmy's health has been super - he hasn't had any ear problems, and we brush his teeth almost every night to keep them clean. He's a champ about getting his nails trimmed, although I need to do that more often (I'm always a little paranoid about trimming nails too short). His coat is so short and shiny that it seems to stay naturally clean. Amazingly, we have never given him a bath! We just give him a little wipe down on rainy/muddy days and he smells very nice, so I figure we don't need to torment him with baths. We'll probably give him one soon just to give him a thorough cleaning, though.

Thank you again for your part in bringing Jimmy into our lives!

Han Solo (now Snoopy): Nov, 2013: Four years later, Snoopy is still a spoiled and happy beagle. Since we adopted him, we have had 2 kids, and we couldn't have asked for a dog who loves children more. He is patient and gentle with our girls and is an important part of the family.


May, 2010: When we first adopted Snoopy (previously known as Han Solo) in November 2009, he was incredibly shy and nervous. He seemed scared to go on walks, or even just to be around us. Now he is so excited to go on his half-hour morning and evening walks - mostly because he knows that he will get to run in the grass, find some good sniffs, and then eat when he gets back home. This previously terrified dog has become quite an adventurer; he has flown on a plane to Miami for a week, gone on hikes in the mountains, and made several road trips.

That last point has been a bit of a surprise – Snoopy has turned out to be an excellent traveler. Once he learned that rides in the car frequently led to walks in fun places, he comes into the car, settles down in his bed or on one of our laps, and is good to go. We were nervous about taking him on a cross-country road trip for this summer, but he has been terrific. He is so cuddly; he just loves being petted and held. As long as he is being touched, he is one happy little beagle. Watching him become comfortable and confident with us has been extremely gratifying.

Snoopy starts every morning with what we have termed his turkey hunt. Basically, we tear up a slice of lunchmeat into little pieces and hide them around the room. He then gets to “hunt” by sniffing around the room looking for the pieces to eat. It is definitely the highlight of his morning and is something that he gets very excited about, dancing around in anticipation.

He also enjoys attacking his toys. He has already torn apart a rubber football and a stuffed alien. We got him a new alien and are taking bets on how long it will take for him to rip this one to shreds. Fortunately, he restricts his chewing to his toys. He is so well-behaved, he won’t chew on anything until we have offered it to him as a toy.

We are so happy to have Snoopy as a member of our pack and family! He is an incredibly loving dog and a true cuddler. Snoopy makes us very happy.

Boudreaux: Boudreaux has firmly cemented his place as part of our family. He and Lucy became pals, although she could not run and play like Boudreaux wanted to. He has had visits from our granddogs and he always has a great time with them because they can and do run and play.

Boudreaux’s progress physically has been fantastic. He had some water therapy in my brother’s pool, but he wasn’t very fond of it. He may have webbed feet, but he’s no swimmer. I would hold him up and walk around the pool with him, while he paddled his short legs. If I ever let go, he would swim right to my brother David and rest his head on David’s shoulder.

He has progressed extremely well from his FHO surgery. He is able to run and run fast. He does have a hitch in his get along, but that’s normal after FHO surgery. His hair has grown back completely. He is my little shadow. He knows his name and has definitely learned the meaning of the word NO!! Mr. Curious still has to stick his nose in everything from the trash bin to the dishwasher when the door is open. He thinks everything small in the house is a toy and every toy in the house is his toy. He knows where his beds are, but his favorite spot is still lying at my feet usually with his head on my foot.

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